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TBOS OCT - For Ref Sheet by skerpandoodles TBOS OCT - For Ref Sheet by skerpandoodles
:icontbos-oct: For Reference Sheet
Edit : Updated the character sheet here! read below! If there are any questions please don't be afraid to comment away!

Character Sheet

Name :
For (his race has no need for names but for formality and tradition this is what his name is [side note: everyone has 3 lettered names due to a small belief they have related to their antennas])

248 years old (in earth time but in their time he is 12 and ľ years old due to their planet being 20x slower than earth)

Species/Race :
Mainits (figure out why I named them this and you get an e-cookie XD) * more about race in another reference

Male (which means he is more faster and is more suited as a hunter, compared to a female of his kind who have much more powerful heat which lets them be more suited in taming their environment) * more about race in another reference

Physical Description:
For's skin color is different compared to the other males due to the excess heat, its lighter and looks much more like the skin color of females of his race. No one can see that though since their race is blind due to only having heat vision. His eyes are vibrant blue and beady just as his fellow mainits. His height is 4'4 ft (or whatever 4 ft) He wears special clothing made by his mother (though its common for everyone to just make their own clothes), he wears a huge mink with a very fluffy collar (and nothing else) for his upper body, and wears a fluffy belt with a loincloth attached to it in both sides with a skirt like clothing for his lower body. His clothing (as everyone else in their planet) has a special function since they were made by material from their planet which is basically special ice that doesn't melt/tear easily. It keeps them cooled down to prevent overheating (a.k.a death). His arms and legs are free from any other accessory for free movement.

Chosen by :
Lady Ink
(for any questions of "why in the world would she do that" just ask...the answer is kinda simple but long though...)

Gift Description :
Construct - Shell (see the swirly thing next to his name in the picture above? thatís what it looks like, go look in Audition page 3 to see more)

For spends his time running around, hunting or collecting things that seem to not melt/burn to his touch, his curious mind finds them interesting, though nobody else seems to see them the way he does. He took this hobby to keep his mind off his condition, having no one to talk to made him quite a loner. He doesn't despise anyone though, but the sheer thought of approaching anyone terrifies him with bad memories of his early years. But he got over that.....well thatís what he keeps telling himself.... but something within him yearns for something more than just being content in his current situation..... nothing ever happens in their native land though....until now.

From very young age for has shown progress as any average mainit does but when he accidentally wandered off and almost got eaten he became rather jumpy. The accident triggered a stimulus within him that made him produce more heat yet too much for his young age to control. Heat is very important to their race as itís used for everything in their way of life such as communication and hunting. With For's condition, he was fast for he had tons of energy to burn but whenever he tried to communicate all everyone understood or lack thereof was nonsense gibberish. Except for his mother Sie...well sort of, but she gives effort in trying to understand For. Nothing interesting really happens in their small icy planet, until the book of stories erased them, except For.

He possesses abilities that are basic for his race, having the ability to focus a specific amount of heat into his toes, fingers and antennas, having very vibration and heat sensitive antennas (and by sensitive, I mean very precise), having heat vision and being incredibly nimble. Though For is a special case and has difficulty on focusing the certain amount of heat he wants to make but his other skills are excellent.

Very nimble, works well in very low temperature, Has great skill in hunting (patience, persistence, perseverance), Resourceful (would be better if he knew how his resources works though), Ridiculously Optimistic (his great innocence for everything helps him be incapable to view how completely hopeless a situation is), Has abilities of his species (in action terms he can put up a fight), Heat vision (he can also tell the difference of a person from another person through their heat signature), Vibration sensitive (nothing can surprise him... except being approached by any organism that can talk to him... that would freak him out...), Has a lot of stamina and has no need to eat or sleep (he needs to drink though), Works well alone (his social awkwardness made him get used to being alone and be independent), Courageous (in all difficulty he tries his best to be brave/strong, except in public speaking)

Weaknesses :
Cannot Speak (verbally and also...very gibberish in their heat language terms), Cannot See (they have precise heat vision only), Cannot hear (music and words are nothing though he can feel vibrations excellently [in a way their species are deaf with very good sense of touch?]), Cannot feel much (well he can, its just a useless trait thought since contact to his skin [as everyone else in their kind] would melt if not cold enough to balance the immense heat it makes, the only part of his body that has a useful function to feel are his antennas), Cannot Taste (this isn't really a weakness though but an important fact that their species need only liquid to survive for it cools them down [liquid is rare in their planet hence they suck it from the creatures they hunt]), Cannot swim in deep waters (again liquid is rare and this would sorta be new to them XD), Has difficulty in high temperature (overheating is death to them)

To sum up the big wall of text here...
For is an alien whose race specializes in living in the wilderness using their heat oriented skills. He had an accident long ago that triggered a stimulus within him that made him produce more heat which gave him an advantage and a disadvantage. With the extra heat he tends to run much more faster for his need to use off the heat making him a good hunter but the extra heat is too much for him to control so when it comes to using heat to communicate, he fails, he fails really miserably so he became socially awkward and a loner. He's doing his best to get over all that though, with the help of his mother and to a lower extent but none-the-less helpful effort from his father too, For is getting there. Until the book of stories came into their world and erased them, except for For though.
watashisukidesu Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oooh funny oc sheet ahahaha greatjob! :) :iconinloveplz:
skerpandoodles Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011  Student General Artist
:icondivider0:Glad you likey it~ I spent so much time making sure spellcheck was working that I didn't finish the other pages! so much fail XD though the file exploding into oblivion counted too...Y U NO LIEK ME WORLD? :iconyunofaceplz::icondivider2:
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